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Anuk Moroney (LC 2017)

Anuk  completed her Leaving Cert in 2017 and achieved 578 points. She is studying Engineering in Trinity College Dublin.



Firhouse Community College was a great experience for me. Many opportunities flew my way and I learned that if you are open to new things and say YES then there is more to do and learn than the mainstream curriculum.


Transition Year in particular, brought me to places, people and institutions that helped me to form an idea of what I wanted to do in the future. I love Maths and Art and had work experiences in both areas. But the week that stood out for me was the ESB Women in Engineering programme.  Solving problems and working closely together in a group of people with similar interests was what attracted me the most.  


Overall, the years in school made me more independent as I gained valuable friendships and skills that helped me through my Leaving Cert. The support from teachers in the senior cycle was amazing. Their dedication was extremely helpful and appreciated.  They really wanted us to do well in the exams, gave extra classes, stayed around after school to let us finish projects and answered emails outside of school hours. From that alone, I learned the importance of being passionate about the subject you study and am very grateful to all the teachers who passed that on.