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Martha Knight (LC 2016)

Martha Knight completed her Leaving Cert in 2016 and achieved the maximum points. She is studying Drama Studies and Music in Trinity College.


It would be very difficult to spend the best part of six years somewhere and not have it change you, but I am still surprised at how much Firhouse Community College helped me to grow and learn, and to find what I’m truly passionate about. I went from being a very quiet, very confused first year to graduating sixth year with lots more confidence and lots more knowledge of myself. This really hit me after I attended the most recent 6th year graduation and saw all the different faculties in the school – music, sports, art and academia – all being celebrated together and culminating in sports awards, academic awards and special performances. Firhouse Community College encourages and celebrates all kind of talent, and acknowledges hard work in every field. 

Our transition year musical, Grease, gave me a newfound passion for acting, and I have gone on to study Drama Studies and Music in Trinity College. I’m now a board member of Freshly Ground Theatre Company. In fifth year I was encouraged to enter the Doodle 4 Google competition and ended up winning my category, and I was also heavily involved in art in the school in other ways, such as painting the ‘Even Heroes Need Help’ mural, and this interest in visual art gave me a passion for set design in college: I have since designed the set of ‘Sucking Dublin’ in the Civic Theatre. I also performed at lunchtime concerts and ceremonies, which solidified a love for music. I was encouraged academically through student awards and summer exams, and it really helped that there were always teachers I could talk to if I was struggling with work. The work of the teachers is incredible, and their devotion to each student reaches far past what is asked of them. Because of this, myself and everyone else who has graduated from Firhouse is a passionate, well rounded person with a good head on their shoulders, and a good sense of where they want to go, wherever that may be.