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Student Awards

In Firhouse Community College we recognise that the vast majority of our students engage in positive behaviour and we wish to reinforce and reward this, through two Awards systems.

The Student Awards has been established to acknowledge and encourage hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, leadership qualities, sporting skills, full attendance, artistic flair, musical talent or any other laudable qualities not measured by the examination process. Encouragement is vital to success and achievement in life. These are awarded bi-annually in front of their year group and parents

At the Award ceremonies, students of the year are rewarded with certification. Final year students are involved in selecting the Leaving Certificate ‘Student of the Year’.

The teachers have an input into the selection process for all year groups.

It is important to note that on the admission of their son/daughter to Firhouse Community College parents agree in writing to abide by the rules of the school.


First Year Award Winners December 2019
Second Year Award Winners December 2019
Third Year Award Winners 2019
TY Award Winners December 2019
5th Year Award Winners December 2019
6th Year Award Winners December 2019