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DES Inspection Reports

The Inspectorate carries out different types of inspections in schools and centres for education. Their main aim is to publish a range of reports and other publications to advise and support schools, policy makers and the wider educational community. 

Click on the following links for reports carried out by the Inspectorate at Firhouse Community College:

Inspectorate Report: Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling

Whole School Evaluation 2018

Subject Inspection of Art REPORT 2016

Subject Inspection for DCG & Tech Graphics REPORT 2015

Subject Inspection of Maths REPORT 2014

Subject Inspection for French 2013

Subject Inspection of History REPORT 2012


Subject Inspection for SPHE REPORT 2010

Subject Inspection for Maths REPORT 2009

Transition Year REPORT 2007

Subject Inspection of English REPORT 2006