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After School Study

The school offers supervised study to 3rd, 5th & 6th year students which will commence during the month of September 2017. Study runs from 4.15pm(sharp) to 5.45pm on Monday,Tuesday & Thursday and 1.30pm (sharp) to 3.30pm on Wednesday.
Students who wish to attend can get a form from their year head or tutor, and return it with the required fee to their year head.

The purpose of supervised study is to provide a silent environment conducive to work. In the interests of all students and to avoid unnecessary disruption the following rules apply for the duration of study.

  1. Students are expected to attend on time.
  2. Students are expected to bring all books/texts/materials to study and to avoid borrowing or moving around to get books from other students.
  3. Mobile phones should be switched off for the duration of study.
  4. Please leave iPods and MP3 players at home.
  5. Students who arrive late, or wish to leave study early, must present a note ,with written parental permission, to the supervisor.
  6. Students who persistently breach these rules may be removed from study.


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