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Music in Firhouse Community College is a highly accessible subject for students of all abilities. Music Making can bring great pleasure to students, offer them a medium of self expression and encourage greater co-operation amongst their peers.

Here in Firhouse Community College, music and drama are viewed as important activities for students to participate in, either as an area of study or as an extra curricular activity. This ‘proactive’ and nurturing approach to the arts is endeavouring to inspire and facilitate the development of Dublin’s next generation of artists.

Within the subject area, the students learn about all the components of music. As music is a practical subject, quite a portion of the class is through performance. This enables the student to learn through a hands-on approach using his or her own skills and knowledge. The performance element makes up 25% of the Junior Cert Exam and can make up to 50% of the Leaving Cert Exam. With such a significant proportion of the marks going toward this discipline, a number of activities are also produced in the school to nurture and develop the student’s talents.

Please check out our videos below for Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle music.

It is an education and discipline in itself to be involved in music and its artistic performance. With this it is felt that all activities like school concerts and other significant musical events in the school year are important platforms for the students to display their talent.

Firhouse Community College provides a variety of programmes which help students to develop life skills while experiencing the delights of creating and performing music. The SDCC & Music Generation Music Lessons Initiative, gives students an opportunity to benefit from the positive influences of music lessons. These lessons provide something for everyone as students can perform in groups or as individuals. The extra-curricular music activities provide forums for a variety of instruments, voice and dance.

Making connections between music and other disciplines is a key aspect of emotional and academic development for students. The ability to read and write within the discipline of music is an integral skill that supports understanding, reasoning and communication. Musically literate persons are able to enjoy the musical world around them and have the interest and confidence to meet an increasingly emotive, musically-rich global society’s needs and challenges. Students leave school with a musical language that is used globally.

By the end of second level, if you take music as a subject, students will be prepared to listen, analyse and appreciate musical genres from different cultures, periods and styles. These skills will enrich and enhance the lives of students. Their musical literacy will ensure that they are equipped with necessary skills to both create, listen and perform music for all of their lives. In addition, greater numbers of students will pursue careers in music including areas of production, IT and teaching to help support the competitiveness and economic viability of our state. In Firhouse Community College, we aim to provide a general education in music for all music students, whether or not they proceed to further study or a career in music.