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 Leaving Certificate Biology

Leaving Certificate Biology is a continuation of the Junior Certificate Science Biology section where some of the topics are revisited in much greater detail, and new topics are studied. There are a number of skills that you will be expected to master. These  include, but are not confined to, developing a logical approach to problem solving, involving the ability to design experiments to test ideas that you might suggest based on your observations in different situations. You will also develop the ability to follow practical instructions and make deductions from results you observe. As part of the course, you will develop your skills further in the use of the microscope and in your production of clear  diagrams.

Topics you will study are broken down into three units, covering some of the following areas:

  • Cell structure
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics and
  • Ecology.

There are a total of 22 mandatory experiments that you will have to complete and write up as part of your Leaving Certificate coursework. In the section on ecology, we complete a field study of a Rocky Seashore.  Then in 6th Year, we attend a practical workshop in Maynooth University for a day to help revise for the Leaving Certificate examinations. (A fee will be involved in both trips.)

Requirements for this course:

  • Completed Junior Certificate Science at Higher Level.
  • 35% of the course is practical work so completion of the 22 experiments is required, and 65% is theoretical work, therefore full attendance is required.
  • A genuine. Interest in the subject is required as the course of study is quite long.
  • An interest in topical issues is an advantage.

There are a number of careers that require Leaving Certificate Biology, these include but are not restricted to: Environmental Science, the Medical profession, Teaching, Industrial Research, Fitness instructors, beauticians.. And many more.

For further information please speak to: Ms. Dunne, Ms. Hoban or Ms. Maher.


Practical work in Maynooth biology