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Transfer of a Student from another School

Transfer of a Student from another School

The Principal is authorised by the Board of Management to take decisions on student intake consistent with this admissions policy. In line with the Education Welfare Act 2000, these decisions will be notified to parents as soon as possible.


While recognising the right of parents to enrol their child in the school of their choice, the Board of Management upholds the rights of the existing school community and in particular the students already enrolled. Principles of natural justice will apply to act in the best interests of all students. The Board reserves the right to determine the maximum number of students in each class group bearing in mind the following:


  • Department of Education guidelines in relation to the maximum class size and staffing provision
  • Size and space of classrooms
  • Health and safety of students
  • Educational needs of the applicants
  • The needs of the current students


Under the Transfer Policy, priority will be given to students relocating to the area.  Except in the case of a student relocating to the area, applications will only be considered at the start of each school year. Cases at variance with these circumstances may be referred to the Board.  In the case of LCA, as the work is based on continuous assessment and has an attendance requirement of 90%, no applications will be accepted after 15thSeptember of the first year of the course.


Students seeking to transfer from another school must complete a Transfer Application Form and meet with the Principal or Deputy Principal. All relevant information from the former school should be made available. Enrolments to all years and courses are subject, in the first instance, to a place being available and the studied option subjects being available. The reason for the proposed transfer will be discussed with the parents and the student as appropriate. Transfer to the school shall be on the basis that such would be in the best interests of the student concerned, given curricular provision, subject choices, and facilities available at the time and any other relevant factors affecting the educational benefits to the applicant and the likely impact on students already in school.


In the case of a student being suspended or excluded from his/her current school, all appeal procedures to that school should have been exhausted prior to an application to this school being considered.


Where a student is considered for a place, the decision will be taken by the Principal, in consultation with the student’s parents/guardians, his/her former school and the education welfare officer (if applicable). The decision will be taken as to whether such a place may be offered, immediately, or whether it would be better to wait until the beginning of the next academic year.


The Board of Management of Firhouse Community College shall not refuse to admit as a student a child, in respect of whom an application to be so admitted has been made, except where such refusal is in accordance with the published policy of the College.  All disputes in relation to admission will be referred to Firhouse Community College Board of Management.