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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

The Board of Management and the staff of the College will do everything possible to identify, plan and provide for a student with special needs seeking admission to the College. We will endeavour to make every effort to provide an integrated and inclusive education. Therefore, parents should contact the College with information on any special needs as early as possible so that these needs can be assessed and addressed properly.

In making provision for students with special needs the following information is required:

Has the student had access to any of the following resources?

  1. Special needs assistant
  2. Special class
  3. Help, for specific needs, from any resource teacher
  4. Assistance with behavioural modification
  5. Professional assessment. (Report should be provided to school)
  6. Any additional resources to help with special needs
  7. Help in areas including visual impairment, hearing impairment, general learning disability or emotional disturbance.
  8. Any resource in relation to travel or mobility etc.

If an expert report is available it should include a workable strategy for addressing the needs, allowing for the resources available.