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Religious Education

Religious Education in the Whole School Community/Life/Day

Being a multi denominational school we welcome students from all faiths and none. As a school we seek to live by moral values, recognize the dignity of each individual and have a special concern for the poor and under privileged. The Religion department are challenged to develop a curriculum which promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person. We work with local school to promote faith development, we do this by bringing our 5th year students down to the local primary schools to participate in the Faith/friends programme we undertake. We also foster an awareness for peace and justice in society.

As a community college we are committed to the importance of formal religious and moral education. This policy allows us the opportunity to reflect on, explore and articulate what it means to be a multi-denominational community college. It is our hope and privileged to harness the religious development of our students and to provide opportunities for them to know their God.

Junior Cycle RE – Non Exam:

Students undertake November and Summer exams for 1st and 2nd year and up to the November exam in 3rd Year.

Students follow the curriculum for the full three years but do not have Religious education for the Junior Certificate.

Senior Cycle RE – Non Exam:

Students undertake November and Summer exams in 5th Year.

Students follow a course of Morality and moral issues for 5th and 6th year but their is no option for Religious education for he leaving certificate.