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Code of Behaviour

  • Students are expected to be honest, courteous, respectful and helpful to one another and to the staff of the College
  • Every student should respect the property of the school, of the teachers and his/ her fellow students at all times.
  • Abusive or foul language has no place in the school and is strictly forbidden.
  • The College has a one way system to make movement through the school safe for all students. Please co-operate fully with it.
  • Rough or boisterous behaviour is strictly forbidden inside the school or in the vicinity of the school.
  • Smoking is forbidden at all times inside the building or within the school grounds or in the immediate vicinity of the school. There is an automatic two day suspension for students who break this rule. Further breaches may also incur a fine.
  • The college does not accept or tolerate the possession, use or supply of alcohol or illegal substances by any student in the school, on school trips, or during any school related activity.
  • Students should not bring any item to school which could be dangerous or disruptive. Chewing gum, tippex and heavy markers are banned and sanctions will be imposed on those breaking this rule.
  • Computers and the internet must be used only for appropriate learning. All students who use the computer network/ internet  must read and sign the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The use of mobile phones by the students is banned completely on the school premises. Phones  must be turned off and kept out of sight during school hours. Having the phone on silent/discreet mode is against the school rules. Students breaking this rule will have the phone (including SIM card) confiscated and it will only be returned to a parent after 7 days. A second offence may lead to the period of confiscation being extended. Any student failing to hand up a phone when requested to do so may be liable to suspension. All students are aware of this rule and must accept the consequences if they decide to break it. No exceptions will be made. Parents who need to contact their children during the school day should phone or call to the main office and messages will be relayed to students.
  • A limited number of parking spaces are available in the College grounds for students over the age of 18 years of age with a full drivers licence.  Applications must be made to the Principal for a parking permit and students are required to submit a copy of their drivers licence and other relevant documentation. The Board of Management of the College reserves the right to restrict the number of permits issued and to refuse permission to students to park in the College grounds.
  • It is the policy of the College to inform parents of any significant incidents of unacceptable behaviour by a student.
  • The College does not accept responsibility for any personal property lost, damaged or stolen. Students are advised not to bring valuables to school. All items of uniform should be labelled with the student’s name and class.