School Reopens tomorrow March 6th – Please read safety Notice below.

School reopens tomorrow

Serious levels of snow accumulated in the school grounds over the period of bad weather.  This happened in particular at the front and back gates and right around the building, blocking many of the entrances to the building. For that reason we deemed it unsafe to open the school today.

A lot of work has been done over the past two days to clear as much of this snow as was possible and the situation is now much better.  However there is still a lot of snow lying in parts of the school grounds.  The back entrance to the school is inaccessible and remains closed until further notice.  This means that everyone has to come through the front gates tomorrow and this is likely to lead to congestion.  Where possible if parents can drop students outside the gates and not come in to the school grounds this should help.

The footpaths in the vicinity of the school have not been cleared and parents need to be aware of this as it may pose a safety risk for students.  Therefore students walking to school or being dropped in the vicinity of the school need to take great care.  Students should also wear sturdy footwear until the paths are clear of snow.    We would also ask parents to please stress to students that throwing snow or other playing in the snow is unsafe in the current conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to everyone’s cooperation in keeping the entire school community safe over the next number of days.


S Nolan (Principal)